DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Sticks are like a “pan in your hand”!
These innovative Watercolor Sticks are DANIEL SMITH Watercolor paints shaped into a convenient stick form allowing you to both draw and paint with your watercolors. The DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks are an exciting new way to use watercolor and are particularly excellent for travel!

The Sodalite Genuine Watercolor Sticks are made with the same superior pigment that the DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor paints are made with Sodalite Genuine Watercolor Sticks have no fillers or waxes – they are DANIEL SMITH Watercolor paint made with pure pigment and gum arabic, so the paint releases easily with a wet brush. The Watercolor Sticks are a “pan in your hand”, they are DANIEL SMITH Watercolor paint shaped into stick form, baked, wrapped in a label and ready to draw and paint!

There are 51 colors available in the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks, some of the most popular colors DANIEL SMITH makes!

Each DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Stick is about 3 full pans of DANIEL SMITH Watercolor paint, which makes them a terrific value. All Watercolor Sticks are the same price regardless of what series (1, 2, 3, or 4) they are in the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor tubes. For example, Sodalite Genuine is a series 4 in the Watercolor tubes, in the Watercolor Stick collection, it is the same price as the rest of the Watercolor Sticks. Many Artists cut the Watercolor Sticks into smaller pieces and place them into either half or full pans to use for travel palettes.

The DANIEL SMITH Serpentine Genuine Watercolor Sticks have the same properties of granulation, transparency, staining and lightfastness as the corresponding color does in the DANIEL SMITH Watercolors in tubes, because they are made with the same pigment.

Pigment Power – Sodalite Genuine watercolor Sticks offer the exact same superior intensity as DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Paints. No clay fillers or waxes of any kind, so they easily release their pigment into rich, vibrant color just like dried DANIEL SMITH Watercolors do in your palette.

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